Friday, February 2, 2018

Twitter Etiquette

Well, I'm learning a lot about Twitter etiquette. I wanted to make a lot of climate bloggers and commentators aware of how what everybody thinks they know about the Penn State scandal is likely wrong, and how it might be related to the climate conversation. So I tweeted my post out with as many Twitter names as I could fit per tweet. When one of these tweets got some responses, it produced a lot of static (tweets to wade through) for the rest of the people listed on the tweet. From now on I'll use single tweets or small specifically targeted groupings. Using a lot of names in one tweet is lazy.

A couple people pointed out how to mute the conversation. I've also just found out you can mouse over the names in a reply, and it will let you click for a full check off list. I should probably mention that I never use the Twitter app or home page. I can never keep up.  I prefer go through bookmarked Twitter profiles in a browser.

I'll also mention that I did start this blog mostly because I wanted to have a place that was separate from my other blogs to write about the Penn State scandal and how it relates to the climate conversation. I didn't mention it in my introductory post, and perhaps, should have. If you think Jerry Sandusky might be innocent, this becomes a very sensitive and emotional subject and I don't know what kind of reaction I'm going to get. The review at, where I first found out about this story, included a disclaimer. When I wrote an Amazon review of the book, Amazon had it hidden from my profile as sensitive. The Washington Post just ran a retrospective piece, where the reporter who wrote it, was in touch with John Ziegler, yet made no mention of him or Mark Pendergrast's new book! So far, I've just found out how obscure a really am, so I'll dispense with total comment moderation.

Right now I'm totally engrossed in this story. I don't think it can stay hidden in plain sight forever. I mean it is the Janet Cooke story on steroids. I think there is a lot of potential for it to break. There's a new HBO movie coming out with Al Pacino as Paterno. I've heard Ziegler mention in a podcast that he's working on a new project and that a crime writer is working on a book. If this story breaks, I'd like to see that the climate blogosphere got in early and wasn't fooled.

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